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“Golf in the Making” is the first complete history ever to be published of the evolution of golf. Ian Henderson and David Stirk have brought together a unique compilation of detailed documentary evidence and information on the origins and development of the game from the seventeenth century through to the present day.

“Golf in the Making” explores the influence of early games such as jeu de mail and chole., he early Dutch contribution to the game, the vital influence of the Scots from the eighteenth century onwards, the great golf craze of the 1880s and the spread of golf overseas, particularly to the USA.

For the enthusiast there is the development of the golf ball, histories of club making families and firms, description of golf clubs and their development, changes in style and method of playing. For the collector there is advice on identification, preservation and restoration, and on collecting golfiana – books, ceramics, paintings and prints.

First published in 1979 and revised in 1982, this most recent edition has up-to-date information on modern clubmakers and cleekmakers, hickory shafts, golf artists and information from the arrival of golf in America, and the influence of the masons on early Golfing Societies.


by Ian T. Henderson and David I. Stirk

Revised Edition

Published by Sean Arnold London


Also published by Sean Arnold

They Flew Through Sand

A reprint of one of the author’s favourite books that was written during his decorated military career in the WW2 allied effort in North Africa. It contains a selection of war diaries and sketches. As well as having sold several hundred thousand copies during and in the years following the war, it was dramatised by the BBC. The radio version of the book received glowing tributes from the Royal Family of the time.

PB Price £9.95

The Best of George Houghton – 100 Golf Laughs

The first George Houghton book to be published after a break of several years. This volume of cartoons will refresh old memories and create new laughs from the game that the cartoonist believed was babbling over with fun. Lovingly reproduced and selected by Sean Arnold.

HB Price £9.95

The Best of George Houghton – Another 100 Golf Laughs Vol. 2

Due to the success of 100 Golf Laughs, a further hundred of the finest and funniest cartoons by ‘the’ Golf Addict of the civilised world have been assembled in this second volume of George Houghton’s work. Many of his classic cartoons are here in a second volume produced in a high quality hardback edition.

HB Price £9.95

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