P O L O   S P E C I A L I S T S

  Sydney Salter kept an watchful eye on his protégé, as James had done before him. Sydney died in 1980 at the great age of ninety-two, and was buried with his parents on the hill overlooking a now much


expanded Aldershot.

  Business continued in the same traditional way under Raymond Turner. Not only Salter sticks but polo balls were in great demand throughout the world. Balls, both bamboo and willow, were imported from India and Pakistan, and given the finishing touches in Aldershot., including the addition of the Salter name to ensure the required standard.

  Every stick was made to suit individual requirements. In the workshop was a long rack on which hung pattern sticks belonging to some of the best known players in the world. The most treasured were those belonging to the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh, both of whom had granted Salter’s their Royal Warrants.

  In the mid 1990’s on Raymond Turner’s retirement the business changed hands again, this  time  to Sean Arnold Sporting Antiques of London.   

With his own passionate interest and appreciation of sporting traditions, Sean visualised the historic Salters’ premises as being the ideal setting for his own equally historic and comprehensive collection.

Under the name J. Salter & Son production of sporting items began; Footballs, Rugby Balls, Polo sticks, Cricket bats and balls, Football boots and Boxing equipment. Items were handmade by experienced craftsmen using only the finest of woods and leather. Literally thousands of items of the highest standard were created using the early Salters’ catalogue as reference - each finished item bearing the trade name J, Salter & Son.

   Within the original premises where J. Salter established his business in 1884, there is now a polo museum dedicated to him as a tribute, alongside Sean Arnold’s impressive collection of geniune sporting memorabilia, ephemera, and vintage leather goods.

    Viewing is possible but only by prior appointment.


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