“SUPERB AND A MUST.”   Peter Alliss

  Michael McDonnell in the ‘Complete Book of Golf’ wrote. “Curiously, no modern artist has bothered seriously, or perhaps memorably to capture the charm and beauty of the game. Only George Houghton, among modern cartoonists, comes close to defining its eternal challenge. His ‘Addict’ calendars and original cartoons are already regarded as rare collectors’ items.”

   Once, Henry Cotton played George Houghton for charity. The match was well attended on the Ashridge course. Conceding 6 strokes, Cotton won 5 and 4!  Here was a mighty Houghton laugh when the crowd could well have claimed their  money back.

Sean himself became addicted to George Houghton’s work after reading his books “Golf on my pillow” and “Golf among the Irish”.

He acquired some original cartoons and on learning that George was still painting prolifically at his home in Bridport, West Dorset, he arranged to visit him and his wife Kay. There he purchased more cartoons and also watercolours, thus beginning a close relationship with many more visits to Bridport to follow and the commissioning of watercolours of famous golf courses and players.

Following Sean’s re-publication of “They flew through sand” he gained the choice of copyrights of George’s cartoons, from which selections were made for use in Volumes 1 and 2 of Golf Addicts Cartoon books, which were a huge success.

When George died in 1993 his wife Kay entrusted Sean with the copyrights of George’s entire lifetime’s work. At this time his

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