The greatest golf cartoonist and humourist ever!

What golfing legends and  enthusiasts  have said about him;

“I have seen and heard most golf humour yet George Houghton comes up with new material time and time again. Superb and a must!”

Peter Alliss

“in the game of golf, cartoonist George has discovered laughs...I can’t, only tears”

“the funniest cartoons in Golf”

Bob Hope

“Golf is fun. Laughs at the end of the day can act as a healing balm on wounds made bt missed putts, George Houghton has written and drawn the lighter side of golf all over the world. Our off guard moments and antics are crystallised. We are all in the George Houghton books”

Tony Jacklin

“ I can never resist a George Houghton ‘Golf Addict’ book as it makes me realise that golf is not always the serious business that we professionals imagine.”

Bernard Hunt

“Houghton is a Golf Addict – probably the golf addict of the civilised world”

Simon and Schuster

“Houghton reminds us of little golfing things that either tickle or make us shiver – like laughter after a bad shot.”

Ted Ray

“Curiously, no modern artist has bothered seriously, or perhaps memorably to capture the charm and beauty of the game. Only George Houghton among modern cartoonists comes close to defining the eternal challenge. His ‘addict’ calendars and original cartoons are rightly regarded as rare collectors’ items.”

Michael McDonnell

“George Houghton’s ‘Addict’ is the little man of golf who likes to think himself, and is, the backbone of the game. Golf cuts us all down to size and we realise that on the links at any rate, we are “little men” – for which reason the Addict books strike a chord of sympathy among golfers all over the world.”

Henry Longhurst

“George Houghton has that wonderful ability of capturing the funny side of golf and putting it across with great skill and humour.”

Bill Cox

A selection of what the critics said about George Houghton;

“Best known for bringing humour to the golf course.”

“Puts me in good humour for the rest of the day.”

“His writings have the sweetness of sheer delight.”

Daily Mail

“An artist of considerable talent.”

Country Life

“Adds splendidly to Houghton’s series in spelling the message that we have got this game just where it wants us.”

Evening Standard

“George Houghton’s books on the subject of golf are always good for the maximum number of laughs.”

Golf Monthly

“A wise and witty golfing fantasy.”

Daily Express

“First rate humour – Mr Houghton’s ability to make familiar themes funny through his drawings is remarkable.”

The Scotsman

“A must for all golf enthusiasts.”

London Evening News

“Delightful touches of humour – should be read by all who play the game.”

Fairway & Hazard

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